Can CBD Help with Stress?

Can CBD Help with Stress?

Stress is something that we all feel from time to time, but more often than not many of us are living with chronic stress without even knowing it and often turning to the wrong medicine to treat it. In this blog post we explore the topic of stress, how it shows up in our lives, why it’s important to manage stress, and how CBDa and CBD can help us live a more full life with less chronic stress and anxiety.

Stress is a natural human response to environmental circumstances and when timely triggered can be helpful, such as avoiding a tiger or bear on your journey, however medical experts say that prolonged states of stress can be harmful and contribute to disease. 

3 types of stress:

  • Acute Stress - Short term bursts of stress that subside relatively quickly after an event, such as a siren ringing.

  • Chronic Stress - Prolonged states of stress that if left unchecked can lead to long term health problems.

Some would add a third type of stress known as:

  • Episodic Acute Stress - When you experience acute stress often. This is becoming more and more common as societal pressures increase, but our awareness and management of it is often overlooked or avoided altogether. 

Stress can be caused by pressure at work or in your relationship, sudden or unexpected change, or worry. Chronic stress, or anxiety, is a continued state of worry that can have lasting and harmful effects on your health. Stress can lead to health problems, including:

  • Menstrual problems


Stress, The Silent Killer

Many of the symptoms of stress can go unnoticed for months or even years. The U.S. Library of Medicines’ online resource guide includes the following symptoms of too much stress:

  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Forgetfulness
  • Frequent aches and pains
  • Headaches
  • Lack of energy or focus
  • Sexual problems
  • Stiff jaw or neck
  • Tiredness
  • Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
  • Upset stomach
  • Use of alcohol or drugs to relax
  • Weight loss or gain


Can CBDa and CBD Help with my Stress?

We have covered the topic of CBDa and CBD for anxiety in previous blog posts if you care to dive deeper into the research, but the overwhelming consensus is that non-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBDa and CBD have a profoundly positive impact on stress induced anxiety and overall mental health. 

Cannabis and hemp derived cannabinoids like CBD and CBDa are non-toxicating, meaning they won’t get you high or cause a disoriented state like with other drugs or alcohol. CBD and CBDa are of particular interest to mental health researchers because they act on serotonin receptors that influence our mood and wellbeing.

CBD makes you happy

CBDa and CBD are non-intoxicating and may lead to sudden bursts of happiness.


What Hemp Products Should I Use for Stress?

We recommend a whole plant and full spectrum product for maximum benefits. As with any cannabis or hemp based product, you should always start with a small amount and increase dosage slowly. Tinctures like our Raw Hemp Sublinguals are always a good choice because you can regulate your dose with precision accuracy one drop at a time. For stress and anxiety we suggest sticking to CBDa and CBD products and introduce THC only if necessary and only at micro dose (2.5mg or less) levels. 

If ingesting CBD isn't your thing then you might want to try our Raw Hemp Flower or perhaps a nourishing CBD topicals like our Raw Hemp Balm for a stress reducing foot massage or neck and shoulder rub. 


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