Mothers Day Gift Buying Guide

Mothers Day Gift Buying Guide

This Mother’s Day we pay our respects not only to the mothers in our own life, but to all the caretakers who are looking after our loved ones in nursing homes and all the health care workers who have gone above and beyond during the past year and a half. I know it can seem trivial to play up these “hallmark” holidays, but there is also nothing wrong with giving something special to the caretakers in our life. Even a simple phone call can brighten someone’s day, so you don’t need to spend money, but if you do decide to treat your mother we thought we’d help by putting together this Mother’s Day gift buying guide. A personal gift has more impact and when you add your own personal touch to go along with great products from great brands and artisans you will be sure and show mom just how special she is this year. 

Here are a few ideas.

Mother’s Day Spa Kit

total cost $78.00

  • Awakened Raw Hemp Sublingual no. 01 - Hemp flowers and extra virgin olive oil make this a versitile product that can be used as a topical, edible or sublingual tincture. Add a coule drops of this oil to your bath for an infused soaking experience. $44.99
  • Bath Salts - You can buy infused bath salts, but our suggestion would be to buy unscented epsom salts at the drug store and either add a few drops of lavendder or chamomile essential oil yourself or use them unscented as often artificial fragrances are used in store bought scented bath salts.  You can put these in a mason jar and put your own label on the jar. $7.99
  • Lavender Soap - The calming scent of lavender is something every mother will appreciate, especially with her new bath oils and salts. For this one we recommend going to your local farmers market and buying from a local soap maker. I love a lavender infused goat milk soap if you can find it. $5.00
  •  Candle - Nothing says relaxation like a candle lit bath. Mom will love the natural aromatherapy of a scented candle. I like the Golden Coast scent from P.F. Candle Co. $20.00

Mother’s Day Chill Kit

total cost $71.00

  •  Awakened Raw Hemp Balm - Our raw hemp balm is a soothing and calming formula designed to provide localized relief and skin balance. This 100% plant-based formula has whole flower hemp, calendula, aloe vera and is mildly scented with lavender and vetiver. $29.99
  • Kava tea - Kava is a powerful anti-anxiety and stress reliever. I personally use the micro kava powder, but you can buy kava in tea bags for easy use. Add 2-3 drops of our no. 02 Sublingual for the full benefits of kava and cannabis together as one. $23.99
  • Sandlewood Incense - Sandlewood is a calming scent that is suble and won’t overpower the environment. I like the Nag Champa Sandlewood Incense, but you can find many brands that offer this traditional cleansing and calming scented stick. $11.99
  • Incense holder - You’re going to need to get your Mom an incense holder for that incense. I like these bamboo ones you can get on Amazon. $5.00

Mother’s Self Love Kit

total cost $83.00

  • Bottle of Rose - Rose is such an underrated wine, but every mother knows that this pink wine is both refreshing and comforting like a big hug from a pink teddy bear. I recommend a rose of pinot noir from either Sonoma or the Napa valley. $16.99
  • Chocolates - This one may be obvious, but no mothers day would be complete without some dark chocolate. I recommend Valrhona for the uncompromising chocolate conossearu. For a modern spin on a classic try our no. 02 Sublingual drizzled ontop of a dark chocolate for an infused desert. $8.00
  • Awakened Raw Hemp Sublingual no. 02 (cassia & orange) - With 1mg CBDA per drop our no. 02 sublingual with cassia and orange is perfect for those occasions when you just need to show yourself some love. The cinnamon flavor paris exceptionally well with dark chocolate. $44.99
  • Flowers - Roses are red and a mothers love is true. No one knows why but mothers love flowers almost more than any other gift, so don’t skimp on the petals this year and get mom a nice bouquet of her favorite flowers. If you aren't sure, it’s always safe to go with roses especially as part of the Self Love Kit. If you can find these at a local farmers market please do and make sure they are pesticide free. Most flowers sold at the grocery store are laden with pesticides. $12.99

Happy Mother’s Day 2021, we hope that you and your family are safe and well. Please remember to subscribe to our email newsletter to receive updates, offers and educational material.

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