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  • Landrace Cannabis - Jeff Nordahl

    Jeff Nordahl, founder of California based Jade Nectar told me that he once “kinda believed the propaganda” against cannabis and that it was probabl...
  • A Holistic Approach to Cannabis with Chef Niki Connor

    Niki Connor is a certified professional chef, certified Health & Nutrition Counselor, Internationally certified water judge and former professi...
  • Self Empowerment Through Cannabis with Will Shaw

    Will Shaw is CEO of Grind N Grow Chicago, a health and wellness brand with a dedication to community building and self empowerment. Will received h...
  • Homegrown with Love - Chelsea Dudgeon

    Chelsea Dudgeon started making cannabis infused topicals for her grandmother with cannabis and other herbs she grew in her backyard. Her homegrown approach to medicine making is the foundation of Newell’s Botanicals, the brand she co-founded with her partner Newell, and continues to guide her approach to herbal product development. Her formulas have won numerous awards, including 4 consecutive 1st place Emerald Cup trophies for best cannabis topical.

  • Sobriety and Cannabis - Brian Chaplin

    Based in Tahoe City, California Medicine Box founder Brian Chaplin is on a mission to, as he puts it:  "Co-create sovereignty in human health and happiness while harmonizing our relationship with Mother Earth.” Veteran underground cannabis cultivator turned medical cannabis brand creator, Brian embraces the core tenet of the 12 step program of “attraction, not promotion” for his brand and welcomes “fostering community and collaboration with people aligned with these same values.” He has been featured in Rolling Stone, Dope Magazine and HIGH TIMES and enjoys skiing, hiking and meditating when he’s not running a thriving cannabis and hemp brand.

  • A Look Into Bioavailability

    The research is in, and it’s huge. Raw hemp has now been scientifically proven to be the most readily bioavailable form of the plant.
  • Healing from the Heart: An Interview With Awakened CEO & Founder, Levi Strom

    In a candid interview, Awakened’s CEO and founder Levi Strom discusses the company’s origins, his thoughts on the cannabis industry, and his vision for the future.