Your Guide To Raw Hemp Flower

Your Guide To Raw Hemp Flower

Hemp cultivation in the U.S. has often been on the wrong side of federal legislation, from the passing of the Marihuana Tax Act in 1937, which placed a heavy tax on cannabis cultivation, to the official criminalization of all form of cannabis in 1970 with the passing of the Controlled Substance Act (CSA).


But that all changed with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, which allows for the legal cultivation and sale of hemp. Since then, there has been an agricultural renaissance--farmers are rushing to meet the huge demand for new and exotic varieties of CBDA-rich, smokable hemp flower.


In this blog post we take a deeper look at what raw hemp flower is, why we are offering it, and how it can help you to awaken your wellness routine.. 



Awakened raw hemp flower is legal hemp grown by small family farmers right here in the USA. It has been dried, cured, and hand trimmed to perfection before placed in our UV resistant glass jars. The designation of “raw” refers to the fact that the hemp is unheated, and thus primarily composed of the cannabinoids CBDA, which is the acidic precursor to CBD. . When you smoke our raw hemp flower the majority of the CBDA will convert (decarboxylate) into CBD, which is then absorbed into the bloodstream via the lungs. 


CBD Molecule

CBDA converts to CBD when smoked and is immediately absorbed by the lungs. 



Awakened has always advocated for a whole plant approach to cannabis use, , so we figured what better way to showcase the quality of flower we use in our products than by selling the actual raw plant material we use for manufacturing 


There are three primary ways to consume hemp: 

  • Topically, e.g. balms, lotions 
  • Inhalation, e.g. smoking, vaping 
  • Ingestion, e.g. edibles, tinctures 


Our current product line includes a topical ( raw hemp balm) and an ingestible ( raw hemp sublingual), so we felt it was time to round out our offerings with an inhalable in the form of raw hemp flower. The quality of the plant material we use for manufacturing has always been a part of what makes our brand unique. We don’t use shake. We don’t use stems. We take pride in the fact that ALL of the flower that goes into our topicals and sublinguals is good enough to smoke. And it is a delicious smoke at that--our cultivar Sweet Wife features aromas of baked fruit and exotic spice, a silky smooth smoke, and promises to  make you feel like you are meditating on a cloud.



Perhaps no other state in the union has embraced hemp cultivation the way Oregon has. The southern region of Oregon is akin to Humboldt County in California--the famous cannabis growing region within the legendary Emerald Triangle. Southern Oregon hemp flowers are being grown by experienced cannabis growers who are taking the hemp flower market to new heights with new and exciting cannabinoid and terpene rich hemp cultivars.

Biosync Industries Hemp Farm Oregon

Photo courtesy: Biosync Industries, Umpqua Valley Oregon 



Hemp is an extremely productive crop that requires little water, fertilizer, and sprays and can even help clean up the air and soil around it. Oregon hemp farmer and founder of Biosync Industries Ron Spencer put it this way:


“I always tell people that we’re not a hemp company that cares about the Earth, but rather an Earth company that cares about hemp.” 


Farmers like Ron are bringing sustainable regenerative farming practices to the forefront of the national conversation.




Humans have been smoking medicinal herbs for thousands of years. One of the primary advantages of smoking is that the cannabinoids from hemp flower are immediately available. This can be very handy for say, muscle spasms, nausea, or acute pain where waiting for an ingested product to take effect could take hours.


Most people will probably smoke our raw hemp flower, either by:


  • Rolling a joint
  • Packing a bowl / pipe
  • Bong / Water pipe
  • Vape (we recommend the Volcano Vaporizer)


Or, could even try making your own infused oil for topicals, tinctures and edibles at home (blog post on this coming soon). 


No matter how you decide to incorporate our raw hemp flower into your life, there is no wrong way to consume this medicinal and non-intoxicating whole plant product. 



You can't order hemp flower on Amazon or pick it up at the grocery store (yet), but there are a variety of online options as well as smoke shops and CBD shops that sell smokable hemp flower. However, not all hemp is grown equally. Because of its capacity to purify the soil in which it’s grown, hemp can have high levels of heavy metals. Unfortunately, many farmers take shortcuts and use toxic chemical sprays and herbicides that have no place in wellness products.


We suggest buying your raw hemp flower from reputable brands that have 3rd party lab tests available on their website. Make sure and check not only the cannabinoid and terpene profile, but pesticide, microbial and heavy metal test results to ensure that what you are smoking is safe, clean, and as advertised. 


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