Why Raw Hemp?

Queue the airhorns! The research is in, and it’s huge. Raw hemp has now been scientifically proven to be the most readily bioavailable form of the plant. More research is needed on the benefits of raw hemp, but so far the outlook is very promising. Let's dive into the science.


Bioavailability (n.) refers to how readily any active ingredient can be absorbed and used by the body. More specifically, it’s the amount of a given substance that actually enters the bloodstream once administered. 

There are many different factors that can affect the bioavailability of a product, including the route of administration, the formulation, and individual differences in how our bodies process different drugs. For example, when a product is ingested sublingually, the blood vessels under the tongue rapidly draw cannabinoids into circulation. Whereas with an edible, the cannabinoids first have to pass through the liver, resulting in a lower potency.

Recent research on the bioavailability of the raw and decarboxylated cannabinoids has found CBDA to be more than 18x more bioavailable than CBD. 

Meet Raw Hemp Oil

At Awakened we take plant medicine seriously, which is why we trust nature to be our guiding light. Our proprietary Cold Lipid Infusion method uses whole flower raw hemp and extra virgin olive oil to gently extract the plant compounds into our carrier oil. We never use solvents like CO2, Butane or Ethanol that can damage the plant compounds or even worse leave behind potentially toxic residual solvents. By keeping our process solvent free from start to finish we guarantee the complete transfer of vital compounds safely and effectively from the living hemp plant into the finished product.

What is “raw hemp”?

When we say raw hemp or raw CBD, we’re referring to naturally occurring phytocannabinoids found in the living hemp plant. Contrary to popular belief, hemp doesn’t actually produce CBD. Instead, it makes the acidic, or “raw”, precursor called CBDA, in addition to other raw molecules. It was previously believed that until CBDA became “activated” by heating, it had no effect on the body. Now, however, we know better. 

Studies show that the acidic cannabinoid CBDA has both high therapeutic value and superior bioavailability when compared to CBD. By using a full spectrum of cannabinoids that includes both the acidic and decarboxylated forms, Awakened formulas work better than single-molecule, highly processed isolate- and distillate-based products.

To learn more about the raw cannabinoids, including what they do and how they do it, check out our blog post.