CBDA Hemp Flower Talisman 5

Talisman #5 15% CBDA

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Talisman #5 is a CBDA rich hemp cultivar featuring over 15% CBDA with notes of fuel and pepper on the nose that harken back to the original days of Kush. Mellow and chillax is how you will feel after a few hits of this hemp chronic. For OG's only!



Cultivar: Talisman #5 (Indica Dominant Hybrid)

Cannabinoid Profile: 15% CBDA, 17% Total Cannabinoids

Terpene Profile: b-Myrcene, b-Caryophyllene, a-Pinene, a-Bisabolol, Limonene

Farm: Biosync Industries

Region: Umpque Valley, Southern Oregon

Tasting Notes: Gas, Diesel, Lemon Pepper

Anticipated Effects: Mellow, Chillax 

Farming Methodology: Sun Grown, Regenerative Farming Practices

Certificate of Analysis: Talisman #5 COA


Our partner farm, Biosync Industries is located in Oregon's beautiful Umpqua Valley. Known for producing craft wine, the unique microclimate and rich soil of this area is critical in growing top shelf cannabis with powerful aromas and flavors that have made this region world renowned.

Sun grown in living soil to maximize natural flavors and aromas, they utilize organic and biodynamic farming practices and NEVER use harmful pesticides, herbicides and plastic mulch. As founder and friend Ron Spencer says about his farm:

“We are not a hemp company that cares about the earth, but rather an earth company that cares about hemp.”

Designed around the savory livestock system that utilizes free-range grass fed cattle that mob graze our cover crops every fall, winter, and spring, Ron says that his cattle speed up the composting process of excess organic matter and help create a rich and fertile top soil environment. This combined with carefully curated microbial activity and earth worm colonies create a pristine environment for growing healthy, dense, beautiful, aromatic and frosty buds that actually improve the environment rather than destroy it.

For pest management they utilize natural organisms for pest and fungi prevention. This involves a combination of beneficial plants, bugs and good bacteria that combat the threats of pests and mildew. 

We choose to source ALL our hemp flowers from Biosync because of their commitment to natural farming practices and community values, including their 7% Forward Program which gives 7% of all profit back to sustainability initiates that they oversee themselves.